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Lose fat and increase your muscle mass with a personalized diet without deprivation!

The FitBuddy Experience is a subscription service that offers you an enjoyable daily flexible menu without deprivation. The menu is 100% personalized to your body, your needs and your goal and is based on specialized mathematical data-driven models based on your data and your physical measurements. The service is also available remotely.

Are you trying too hard to do everything "right" and get the body you want, but not seeing the results?

Like most of your friends or acquaintances who want to get a healthy and toned body, you...

And these are just the beginning...

What is FitBuddy

FitBuddy is a luxury fitness experience that will help you become the best version of yourself. Get a flexible nutrition menu* 100% tailored to you and your goal in person or remotely.

Introducing FitBuddy

Once you start your subscription you'll get a nutrition plan tailored to your body and your goal while being able to:


Do a physical assessment and comprehensive body composition analysis with state-of-the-art machines.


Choose the foods you like without restrictions. Part of your diet can be meals like Burger, Pizza, Sushi, Kebabs, while losing fat without sacrificing your muscle mass!


You have online support via chat and telephone support to solve questions and discuss concerns.


You have coaching guidance in training in collaboration with a team of fitness experts.

* The menu is also adaptable to special diets (vegan, vegetarian etc.) or special clinical cases

FitBuddy is for those who have a goal of:


weight and fat loss


muscle mass and muscle hypertrophy


athletic performance



Why FitBuddy

🍕 Without ANY deprivation

You tell us what you want to eat and we customize your plan based on your favorite foods without depriving you of your favorite pizza!

💯 Immediate achievement of your physical goal

Everyone is judged by results so we have enough case studies and we want to see you get the body you deserve.

🏙️ "I want to eat out" service

You choose the restaurant or shop you want to eat at and we tailor your choice to your menu. This way, you'll always be true to your plan without missing out on your social life!

🙌 Online coaching

Are you busy or live outside of Athens? The FitBuddy team provides online support for people who live far away or abroad.

🍽️ Unique recipes

We have already created 30,000+ complete diet plans based on delicious recipes including all the necessary nutrients!

💻 Mindset coaching

What many people forget is that it also takes "mindset training" to believe yourself that a proper diet is not just a piece of paper but a way of life.

FitBuddy’s Flexible Diet vs Traditional Diet

Traditional Diet

Customized to your needs


Without deprivation

Great flexibility

You can eat chocolate, burger and pizza

Adjustable to your budget

Strict plan

Visible fat loss


You can actually stick to it


Diet plan based on comprehensive body composition analysis

Online & telephone support


Training guidance

Total change of your daily routine

Because you will become the best version of yourself, both internally and externally!

Some of the daily meals on your FitBuddy menu might be:

Protein Pizza

Fit Cheesecake

Protein Brunch

Protein Peinirli

User Experiences

How we start

Declaration of Interest

Register by filling in the interest form or by calling 2104949799

Book an Appointment

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Create Profile

Together we will record your measurements, your needs and your goal. Even if you are outside of Athens or abroad

Get the Program

You will receive your personalized program and together we will help you implement it

More than just a "how to get the perfect body fast" regimen.

FitBuddy is a unique fitness experience that supports you to succeed!

Daily Support

Are you busy or live outside of Athens? The FitBuddy team provides online support for people who live far away or abroad.

Unique recipes

We have already created 30,000+ complete diet plans based on delicious recipes including all the necessary nutrients!

Personal Profile

High-tech platform with progress graphs and access to Online Chat.

Accurate measurements of your body with InBody!

Leading fitness professionals use InBody 770 for accurate body composition analysis.

So we provide you with data such as:

See yourself change today!

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Be the Best Version of You

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The FitBuddies


Evi Kamposiora, Msc. Clinical Dietitian - Nutritionist & Scientific Manager of FitBuddy

Evi Kamposiora graduated from the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition Science of Harokopio University in 2003. She continued her studies at Harokopio University at postgraduate level for two years, obtaining the diploma of "Applied Dietetics" with specialization in "Nutrition and Exercise".

In the context of her internship she collaborated with the dietary departments of 5 hospitals in Attica: Tzaneio, Sismanoglio, Red Cross, Children's Hospital "Aglaia Kyriakou", Laiko, while on a research level she participated in a program to evaluate the nutritional intake of athletes in aquatic sports, the results of which she presented at the International Olympic Congress of 2004 (IOC 2004). In collaboration with the Children's Hospital and in the context of her postgraduate thesis she specialized in the management and treatment of childhood and adolescent obesity.

Her professional career started alongside her postgraduate studies in 2003 and includes areas such as clinical nutrition, sports nutrition and management of childhood obesity. In addition, she has participated in various scientific conferences on health, nutrition and sport, gaining information and knowledge from the publications of current research papers.

She is a member of the Hellenic Dietetic Association and is in charge of the Weight Regulation and Behaviour Modification Network "through... food".